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The duration for the award of the Master’s Degree is three (3) semesters of study. During the first two semesters, attendance at the teaching courses and any other MSc educational and research activities is compulsory.

Courses will be conducted at the Department of Management Science and Technology in Patras on Friday afternoons and weekends, considering the availability of working postgraduate students. The course will start in October 2020, and the course structure teaching is adapted to the needs of working students. In particular, the examination includes group and individual assignments in most courses. In contrast, the educational material in all courses will be available electronically in the eclass portal of the University of Patras.



With the start of the Postgraduate Diploma (MSc) in October 2020, a total tuition fee of 3,500 euros is foreseen for the attendance and the award of the MSc, which will be paid in installments as follows:

  • 1,000 € will be prepaid upon registration.
  • At the end of the first semester €1,000 is paid at the time of enrolment.
  • At the end of the second semester, €1,500 will be paid upon approval of the thesis.

The fees will be deposited in a bank account of the Research Committee of the Foundation, and the relevant receipt will be presented to the Secretariat of the MSc. In case of discontinuation of the MSc, the part of the fees paid will not be refunded.


Fifty (50) graduates of Greek Universities (University, Technological Educational Institution (TEI)) or recognized peer institutions abroad are admitted to the MSc. Applications can be submitted by Universities and Technological Institutes of the Greek Federation graduates, provided that they have submitted their Certificate of Completion of Studies no later than one day before the meeting of the Candidate Evaluation Committee of the MSc to validate the list of successful candidates. In this case, a copy of their degree or diploma shall be submitted before the program’s start date.

If the number of candidates is greater than 50, the selection of postgraduate students will be made based on the following criteria, each of which carries a specific number of points:

  1. Degree level: rounded to the first decimal place x 4 points,
  2. Recognized qualification in a foreign (English) language (as defined in Article 1 of Legislative Decree 146/2007, Article 1(1) of Legislative Decree 116/2006 and the A.S.E.P.: 5 points (in the absence of a recognized qualification, the language proficiency test is a special examination),
  3. Postgraduate degree or doctorate: 0-5 points,
  4. Scientific activity of the candidate (publications in scientific journals, participation in research projects, conference presentations): 0-5 points,
  5. Interview of the candidate before the Candidate Evaluation Committee: qualitative assessment from 0-35 points.
  6. Previous experience in public services or organizations or in positions related to digital marketing from 0-10 points.

The candidate’s Interview shall include:

  • an assessment of his/her personality,
  • an assessment of his/her potential research activity,
  • the quality of the required two letters of recommendation.


Application through the University portal