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Master in Digital Innovation and Management

The subject of the Postgraduate Program (MSc), is interdisciplinary and treats the fields of Business Administration and Information and Communication Technologies. The combination of Business Administration and Informatics sciences, gives participants of both directions, knowledge and skills in the most modern digital tools and enables them to meet the requirements of the management of the modern business environment, both in the Private and in the Public Sector. This Postgraduate Program seeks to create a new generation of executives, equipped with a modern administrative – technological thinking, a generation capable of gaining leadership in the fields of e-government and digital marketing, participating in the business development of the new digital era.

The program offers two specializations:

  1. Digital Marketing. The aim of this specialization is for graduates to acquire all the innovative knowledge about modern strategies and practices applied in digital marketing and to be able to explore, manage and analyze the needs and preferences of a large number of consumers in order to design, conduct market research and evaluate marketing campaigns, using modern digital media. Graduates with the help of neuroscience will be able to know how to influence consumers, will be able to highlight and utilize innovative ideas, while also having the appropriate scientific background for making good marketing decisions and all the necessary administrative and technological skills for a successful career in e-business. Topics addressed include:
  • Innovative techniques and tools of digital marketing.
  • Digital marketing strategic.
  • Modeling consumer behavior on the internet and social media.
  • Business models of e-business.
  • Tools for extracting and analyzing e-business data.
  • Development of the necessary qualifications for a successful career in the field of digital marketing and e-advertising.
  1. e-Government. The purpose of this specialization is for graduates to acquire all the necessary knowledge about the modern techniques of analysis, design, development and management of Information Systems related to Public Administration, aiming to improve the services provided, reduce costs, save time, and improving the service of business citizens, companies and organizations. In addition, graduates will be provided with all the necessary administrative and technological skills related to Public and Private sector issues. Topics addressed include:
  • Specialized organizational strategies of Digital Governance and the application of digital process transfer techniques in the Public sector.
  • Administration of digital information services, e-democracy, e-consultation and participation and e-government in health and justice.
  • Techniques to support e-authentication services, e-signatures, and the security of e-government services.
  • Management of personal data security and protection against invasion of privacy.
  • Evaluation of e-government service quality.
  • Communication, collaboration, and presentation skills for a successful career in digital governance services, both in the Private and Public sector.


The Program leads to the award of the Diploma of Postgraduate Studies in “Digital Innovation and Management” with two titles, depending on the specialization that the postgraduate student has pursued:

  1. Master in Digital Innovation and Management – Digital Marketing
  2. Master in Digital Innovation and Management – e-Government


Curriculum of Postgraduate Program

Code N. ECTS First Semester – Compulsory Courses (common for the 2 specializations)
DIM-101 7 Research Methodology and Planning of Postgraduate Thesis
DIM-102 7 Strategic Management of Organizations & Digital Innovation
DIM-103 8,5 Programming Technologies & Applications in Management
DIM-104 7,5 Legal Issues of the Information Society
Total 30  
Second Semester (Specialization A: Digital Marketing)
DIM-2A1 7,5 Digital Marketing &social media
DIM-2A2 7,5 Network and Digital Economy
DIM-2A3 7,5 Digital Consumer Behavior
DIM-2A4 7,5 Software systems for managing and analyzing Big Data
Total 30
Second Semester (Specialization B: e-Government)
DIM-2B1 7,5 Electronic Governance
DIM-2B2 7,5 Information Systems Security
DIM-2B3 8 Information Systems in Public Administration
DIM-2B4 7 Digital Governance & Interoperability
Total 30
Third Semester
DIM-301 30 Master Thesis
Total ECTS 90 For the acquisition of Master’s degree, 90 ECTS credits are required


The duration for the Postgraduate Program (MSc) that leads to the award of the Master’s degree is three (3) semesters, two semesters with courses and one for preparing the Master Thesis.

The number of students admitted to the program per year is set at a maximum of fifty (50).

The tuition fees of the program amount to € 3,500 (the payment will be made in three installments per person, namely 1,000 euros at registration, 1,000 euros at the end of the first semester and the remaining 1,500 euros upon undertaking the diploma thesis).

Details for admission and further information can be found at http://localhost/